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  1. Introduce the book, “Freddy the Firefly Shines His Light,” and meaning of kindness, or being kind                               (5 minutes)
  2. (raise hand) How many of you have seen fireflies at night during the summertime?
  3. (raise hand) How many of you have caught one in a jar?
  4. Today we are going to hear about a special firefly named Freddy who learned how to shine his light and be kind to others. (He showed kindness by sharing his warm, bright glow)
  5. What does kindness mean? Possible answers: be nice to someone, be polite, care about others
  6. Explain Golden Rule: treating others the way I want to be treated, caring about others feelings as much as my own.

PREVIEW THE BOOK – While I read the story, see if you remember how Freddy learned to be kind and shine his light


  1. Read the story                              (15 minutes)
  2. COMPREHENSION/APPLY THE LESSON                                     (10 minutes)
  3. Why wasn’t Freddy able to shine his light in the beginning of the story?

Possible answers: he was too tired and grumpy, he stayed out late and was too tired to shine his light

  1. How did Freddy learn to shine his light? Possible answers: Mrs. Flutterby taught all her fireflies (including Freddy) that they were special and needed to share their gifts (their glow) with others by being nice, Freddy decided to think of other fireflies feelings)
  2. How did Freddy show others his kindness or his special glow? Possible answers: He shared his book with Fiona, he noticed Mrs. Flutterby was having a bad day and said something nice, he was helpful by taking out the recycling and passing out papers.
  3. What are some OTHER ways you can shine your light at school? At home? (take 4 – 5 suggestions). Tell the class – now, YOU will each be able to draw a picture (pre-k/K) OR draw a picture and write a few sentences about how you can be kind like Freddy (lst grade and up). Feel free to share some new ideas.
  4. Main Point – Showing kindness not only makes others feel good, but gives you a warm, happy glow inside…..try it out and see, just like Freddy did!
  5. FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY – Children will draw a picture and/or write a few sentences with their ideas of how they will shine their light at school or at home (10 minutes)

Teachers can incorporate firefly stickers & chart for students as they learn to shine their light and show kindness and encouragement to one another. 

Total lesson time – 40 – 45 minutes